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frequently asked questions

how do we start?

Ideally, you would email me your name, company idea, and logo thoughts (style, colours, etc.). After I hear from you, I'll send you a few random logo samples I find online or within my own portfolio. These logo samples are meant to be looked at in terms of weight, texture, mood, etc. They are not meant to be taken literally in regards to the layout and theme.

how long does it take?

Typically, when I receive a logo request, unless it's urgent, I prefer to sit on it for a couple of days to form thoughts together and research the business type and name concept. Once I've sat on your logo request for a couple of days, you'll probably get bombarded with a few designs. These designs are not polished or refined, but are sent to get an idea of whether or not we're heading in the right direction. With strong communication, most logos are completed within a week from the submission date.

what do I get?

Once we've landed on a design you love (hurray!), I'll package it up with three different sizes of transparent .png images, one square social media .png image on a white background, one .svg (for screen printing and embroidery) and one .pdf (for business cards or any other instances you might need it for). You'll also get an invoice in your little folder. Once the invoice is paid, I'll sign over the rights and add the form to your folder. Ideally, you'll print off the document and sign it for your records.

*Keep in mind, the logo will not be yours until the invoice has been paid and the rights have been signed over.

which file do I use?

You use the...

.png for photoshopping on top of other content. .pngs are transparent, so you can put them on your invoices, posters, pamphlets and other documents. You can even use them for social media usually. Social media will change the background to white (occasionally black). Keep in mind, the .png images are transparent and will appear as all black or on a black background in some programs. This is completely normal.

Square .png for your social media profiles. .png images are crisp and look great on Instagram and Facebook.

.pdf image for uploading to Vista Print or other printers of that sort. It's infinitely scalable (unless they're designed with the "watercolour effect"), so it won't turn pixelated when it's enlarged. Unless you know what to do with it, you should just send it to your printer and let them handle the rest.

.svg files are also infinitely scalable (unless designed in the "watercolour effect"). They will open in your browser if you want to have a look. These files are great to send out for embroidery and screen printing.

additional fees

  • export fee — Trueline Design charges a $10 export fee for any additional export variations of your design. This export fee applies to exports with small changes such as colour variations and name alternatives (for example, Trueline Design versus Trueline Photography).
  • variant Fee — Trueline Design is entitled to charge up to full price for substantial logo variants. However, so long as the designs are similar, Trueline Design will usually only charge a portion of full price, depending on how much time is invested in the second variant. The export fee does not apply to these variants.
  • hand-drawing fee — Some logos require a bit of extra time and TLC. For example, if you'd like a watercolour look, I'm going to have to draw it by hand. These logos require an additional fee of $30-$50, which I'll discuss with you before we begin.

Refer a friend

Refer a friend! If they enlist my services, you're welcome to a $30 design credit — enough for a basic one-sided business card design or put it toward another design service!